About Me

Luis Chanaga is an esteemed executive in the healthcare industry, currently based in Dayton, Ohio. As a dedicated collaborator who values purpose and people, he leads his teams with a commitment to best practice services. This balance between producing results and ensuring quality has earned him a reputation for strategic and financial stewardship in his field. Luis enjoys aligning teams to support a unified vision, fostering lean process improvements, enhancing patient experiences, and promoting growth in services and safety outcomes. He delivers high-value care through effective communication and partnership with patients, physicians, colleagues, community leaders, and vendors.

Current Roles and Career Accomplishments

As an accomplished healthcare executive, Luis boasts an impressive professional trajectory that includes serving as a CEO, COO, and CFO of hospitals, as well as the COO of a medical group. His career is characterized by a harmonious blend of strategic planning and practical execution, earning him respect and recognition within the industry.

One of Luis' notable accomplishments includes achieving his MBA, a testament to his dedication to professional growth and continuous learning. Furthermore, Luis successfully passed the governor's exam to become a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, underscoring his commitment to advancing his expertise in the healthcare sector.

Academic Background

Luis' robust academic background has been instrumental in shaping his professional journey. The attainment of his MBA equipped him with the advanced business acumen necessary to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry and assume high-level leadership roles. His fellowship with the American College of Healthcare Executives further attests to his commitment to refining his expertise and upholding industry standards.

Involvement in Charity

With an understanding of the importance of giving back, Luis Chanaga has committed himself to various philanthropic initiatives. Although the specifics are not provided, his contributions are as significant and impactful as his professional endeavors.

Personal Life and Interests

Outside the professional realm, Luis nurtures a rich personal life fueled by diverse interests. He is particularly passionate about health and fitness, an interest born out of a desire for personal growth and longevity. This hobby dovetails seamlessly with his professional commitment to healthcare, reinforcing a health and well-being lifestyle.

In addition, Luis is an avid reader. His love for reading is primarily driven by an insatiable desire to educate himself and expand his horizons. He finds joy and personal growth in each book he delves into.

Traveling is another hobby that Luis holds dear. This interest emerged from a desire to explore and immerse himself in different cultures. Luis has broadened his perspectives through his travels, contributing to his personal and professional growth.

Luis values the time spent making memories with his family and finding a balance between his demanding career and personal life. He understands that maintaining this balance is crucial to his overall well-being and nurturing relationships.

Luis Chanaga is an embodiment of dedication and professionalism. As a seasoned healthcare executive, he has mastered the delicate balance of delivering quality healthcare services and achieving financial sustainability. Yet, it's not just his professional accomplishments that make him outstanding. His commitment to personal growth, continuous learning, and active lifestyle contribute to a well-rounded individual whose influence extends beyond the workplace. Luis' story is an inspiration, highlighting the essence of balancing a fulfilling career and an enriching personal life.


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